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  • High number of accountants are unhappy in their jobs

    Accountants can be a pretty unhappy bunch, it would seem. About one in five think about quitting every week according to some pretty enlightening research. CABA, the ICAEW’s wellbeing charity, surveyed 251 members, finding that 8 per cent think about calling it a day every day; 14 per cent consider leaving up to four times a […]

  • Route 101 to accounting enlightenment

    One of the highlights of my eventful first year producing content for Accounting Insight News was a day spent at ACCA’s London Embankment HQ with Richard Sergeant. Richard, MD of Bristol-based personal and business development group Principle Point, is a well-respected figure in the UK sphere of accountancy, marketing and software. He’s a knowledgeable observer […]

  • MPs force rethink of controversial HMRC loan charge

    HMRC’s efforts to claw back “unpaid” taxes through its loan charge have been dealt a potentially fatal blow. A cross-party group of MPs led by Ed Davey has forced the government/Treasury to rethink the retrospective tax/anti tax avoidance measure aimed at freelancers and contractors. The aim of the loan charge, set to feature in the […]

  • How’s the future looking for HMRC?

    HMRC is upbeat in a new year progress report on its modernisation programme to “become the tax authority of the future”. An update on GOV.UK  says the revenue is “very close” to the target of 90 per cent of staff being able to move into regional hubs that will be replacing 170 local offices. The […]

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  • How accountants can drive a business forward

    Over the past 20 years I have surveyed thousands of accountancy firms and found that at least 73 per cent of their partners (the people who make their living producing annual accounts) acknowledged that there were at least five fundamental flaws in annual accounts. A few weeks ago I repeated the survey with 30 more […]

  • Any questions for people coach Joanne Wharam?

    Welcome back to our QA sessions with influential voices in the accounting sector. Today, it’s Joanne Wharam. Joanne  is a people and team development Coach, SMART Support For Business.  She is a speaker, author and coach who has worked for over 10 years helping accountants improve their businesses, their teams and ultimately their lives.  Did you go to […]

  • Guide to virtual teams and remote working … in numbers

    Here’s a nice little visual and blog from our friends at Sage… In 2017, more than 4.3 million people worked remotely in the UK. The latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that three quarters of these people were experienced professionals who work in the highest skilled areas of the economy. Research carried […]

  • ICAEW tax conference: from a non-accountant’s viewpoint!

    I never thought I’d hear myself saying: “I’ve just been to a chartered accountants’ conference about tax and really enjoyed it.” But that’s exactly what happened to me last Friday when I popped up to the City of London for an ICAEW event entitled Deconstructing Tax. Now, I’m not saying I understood everything that was […]

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