Accountant lies over client’s pension duties

Hashmukh Shah has admitted giving the Pensions Regulator (TPR) false information on behalf of  a client.

The accountant was providing payroll services for a company running Grancaffe Londra in Knightsbridge.

Shah told TPR that Primadell Ltd had put its staff into a workplace pension.

He was charged with knowingly or recklessly providing false information to TPR, and now faces a big fine.

Shah had been aware that his client had not enrolled their employees into a workplace pension scheme.

Workplace pension scheme

He lied to avoid TPR carrying out an inspection of his client’s premises that would have identified that they had failed to comply with automatic enrolment duties.

TPR is conducting spot checks on businesses that are being flagged for not complying with auto enrolment.

Deliberately providing false payroll and pension information about you or your clients is an offence under section 80 of the Pensions Act 2004.

This case, heard at Brighton magistrates’ court, is the first example of TPR charging a third party working on behalf of a client. Primadell has since complied with pension regulations.


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