GDPR and the right of access to data

GDPR says it is an individual’s right to obtain confirmation about whether data belonging to them is being processed and, if so, where it is being held.

It is also their right to have a copy of that data and other “supplementary information” including: the purpose their data was being stored for; the recipients that their data has been/ will be shared with; information on the source of their personal data; and the period their data is likely to be stored for.

This is the right of access or “subject access”. It is important to recognise and become familiar with what falls within the realm of “personal data” as an individual that uses their right of access and makes a request, is permitted to information relating only to them and no other person.

Recognising and dealing with a request can be tricky: a request can be made by an individual in person or in writing, to any part of an organisation (including via social media) and does not have to be concerning a specific member of staff. This means that an individual can make a valid request to any employee (by email or phone) and it is required by law that the request is managed accordingly.

Some organisations have trained staff who are likely to be dealing with individuals on identifying requests. Others use a standard form with information fields for an individual to fill out, making it easier to identify a “subject access request” and to find the individual’s data.

BrightPay will continue to hold free online webinars specifically designed to help you on your GDPR journey.

Upcoming Webinar: Payroll Data & GDPR – What you need to know


What does GDPR mean for your payroll processing?

  • Understanding GDPR
  • The contract between accountants & clients
  • Template Data Processor Agreement
  • Proof of compliance
  • Securely storing employee data

Payslips & GDPR Compliance

  • Employee consent
  • Emailing payslips
  • Recommended self-service access

Breaching GDPR

  • Data breach plan of action
  • Non-compliance and penalties

BrightPay & GDPR

  • BrightPay Connect – online self-service portal
  • Enhanced security measures

BrightPay offers payroll access app

In today’s fast paced environment employees want their payslips at their fingertips. BrightPay’s cloud add-on BrightPay Connect now offers an employee smartphone and tablet app for employees to access their payroll information on the go. The BrightPay Connect app integrates with the BrightPay payroll software application bringing a new level of efficiency and productivity to managers who manage the payroll, leave requests and HR activities. The employee app is available to download for free on any Android or iOS device.

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