GDPR guide for accountants in practice

A “pragmatic” look at GDPR focuses on the new data law in the context of accountancy practices and looks at how the regulation will impact.

MyFirmsApp, providers of a custom app platform for accountants in practice, has published the handy summary .

The 19-page guide examines key questions such as what personal data a practice typically holds – with helpful advice on the rules for holding children’s personal data.

What is a data breach?

It covers what the law now requires for data retention and addresses questions such as “what is a data controller?”, “what is a data processor?” and “what is a data breach?”

Any breach caused by human error or lax security measures threatens the accountant-client relationship. Practices need to ensure they have the processes and technologies in place that will enable them to detect and respond to breaches.

The guide includes a checklist of actions so that practices can implement the necessary systems and processes to meet GDPR requirements. The ‘Preparing Your Practice for GDPR’ guide can be downloaded HERE.

GDPR challenges

“Over the last year, we been working closely with selected global law firms and advisers to find solutions to the GDPR challenges faced by our customers,” says Joel Oliver, CEO, MyFirmsApp.”

“We are confident that having the right practice App will help in the collection and verification of data, in gaining the necessary opt in permissions, in the sharing of privacy policies and also in the storage and management of data. GDPR presents an opportunity to revise existing privacy policies and achieve better organisation, improve data management and strengthen defences against data breaches and cyber risks.”

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