Why accountants can’t ignore LinkedIn!

I feel privileged to be speaking at Accountex this year. As an accountant who has made the transition from finance to a different sector, I’ll be sharing some of my story and advice on how to advance your career or business using LinkedIn. Because nowadays LinkedIn is no longer an option, it’s an absolute must!

In 2008 I set up my first business specialising in financial recruitment, just as the financial crisis hit. It was a difficult time and at the beginning without a website or a long list of contacts to call, it was LinkedIn that served me well. It was my quickest route to reach target clients, to build relationships, and ultimately to secure new business.

Right skills and abilities

LinkedIn was also one of the reasons I decided to leave the recruitment sector (and my own business) in 2013. To circumvent job boards and recruiters to directly find the talent they’re looking for, Employers now often use LinkedIn. It’s also their route to find passive candidates (those not actively looking or registered with recruitment companies) with the right skills and abilities.

This means that, whether you’re in business looking to win new clients or a candidate looking to advance your career, you have to be not only visible, but also active on LinkedIn.

Trust is hugely important in any business or career transaction and cultivating an active LinkedIn profile and nurturing relationships over time on the platform is a great way to build it.

Living, breathing extension of you

Many make the mistake of creating a LinkedIn profile for themselves, instead of thinking about their intended audience, and then rely on their profile to work for them with no further input.

LinkedIn is a living, breathing extension of you, your business, and all you have to offer. It has to be worked at daily and used proactively to identify and nurture relationships before ever capitalising on them.

With about 500million users on the platform (a number that increases daily), as a finance professional you have to be in the arena to take part in the games. Once there, to stand out, you have to continually work at your profile and activity to make sure you’re the one who is found and ultimately hired, and not your competition.

In my session, I’ll be sharing some of the key principles you need to adopt to find success on LinkedIn, case studies illustrating best practice, and sharing my top tips to make your profile stand out. Time permitting I’ll be very happy to answer any questions too.

Simon’s Accountex 2018 session will be at 1pm on Wednesday May 23.





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Simon Gray

Simon Gray qualified as a chartered accountant with KPMG, before moving into the financial recruitment sector. Now through Career Codex Limited ( he helps clients from across the world to find success in the executive job market. He is the author of three books, including Super Secrets of Successful Executive Job Search, which at the time of writing has over 40 five-star reviews on Amazon.

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