MyFirmsApp launches OneApp at Accountex

MyFirmsApp, provider of intelligent Apps to professional firms in 11 countries, is introducing the new OneApp layered mobile platform at Accountex 2018.

The OneApp platform will feature an AI/chatbot or virtual assistant that answers questions using calculator functionality and completes simple tasks.

Working closely with the Amazon Lex platform, the AI functionality is set to evolve over coming months and will include the ability to book calls and to join up with other external systems such as practice management.

The company says:

OneCommunicate – OneApp enables firms to connect & communicate with their clients wherever they are. People spend an average of four hours a day looking at their phone and 90 per cent is spent in apps.

OneApp enables practices to be part of this screen time and take advantage of this most expensive real estate on the planet with powerful marketing tools that improve interaction and engagement

OneCollect – OneApp gives partners back time and eliminates stress with inbuilt data collection tools including a receipt manager, mileage tracker, income tracker and document scanner

OneControl  – OneApp enables partners and firms to take back control by holding all disparate cloud apps in one place with app stacks and app add-ons bespoke to each accounting firm. The app dashboard delivers download and usage statistics and co-ordinates communications and marketing activity

OneCare – puts accountants first and helps guide them into the digital world. MyFirmsApp is the only company to offer 24-hour on-going support, backed by the wealth of experience that comes from running the largest global customer app platform in the world for accountants in practice.

Joel Oliver, CEO, MyFirmsApp says: “OneApp has been developed to address three dominant problems in the marketplace today.  First accountants are overwhelmed by the changing landscape and fast pace of technology development, they are being commoditised with prices being driven down with no way to differentiate themselves and finally, they are lacking in time and productivity as most partners are still chasing clients for answers to questions and not leveraging technology in a way that maximises productivity.”

“OneApp is functionally rich and complies with the latest Apple rules and guidelines. It has some powerful USPs including deep integration with Receipt Bank and Virtual Cabinet, unique onboarding software for clients and a Budget Pack that is unique in the app space. It helps accountants to connect and communicate, manages all their key client apps and above all, improves workflow and data collection.”

MyFirmsApp can be found on Stand 798 at Accountex, ExCel, London on Wednesday, 23 May and Thursday, 24 May.

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