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Give your clients an expenses health check

Whether you still accept shoe boxes full of receipts or prefer newer methods, it’s time to give your clients an expenses health check to ensure you’re offering the best solution, and not just the solution that suits your practice. What happens when your client tells you that they want to use the latest and greatest […]

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MyFirmsApp launches OneApp at Accountex

MyFirmsApp, provider of intelligent Apps to professional firms in 11 countries, is introducing the new OneApp layered mobile platform at Accountex 2018. The OneApp platform will feature an AI/chatbot or virtual assistant that answers questions using calculator functionality and completes simple tasks. Working closely with the Amazon Lex platform, the AI functionality is set to […]

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Five challenges facing accountants

The accountancy profession has faced a number of challenges over the past few years, and 2018 is proving to be no exception. Below we outline some of the key issues and trends that accountancy firms have to contend with. 1. Talent Retention Accounting firms continue to try and attract the best within the business, and […]

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Wolters Kluwer delivers CCH OneClick

Wolters Kluwer, Tax & Accounting UK has launched CCH OneClick, which enables tax advisers to embrace digitalisation and delivers the open integration that practices need to connect digital data. CCH OneClick provides a set of cloud tools that are delivered through two new connected workspaces; the adviser workspace, which provides new features for advisers, and the client […]

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One click and the payroll’s done!

Processing payrolls can be labour-intensive. So, what would the world look like if we could process payrolls with one click? Today, payroll bureau operations can install a one click solution. Here’s how… Say a bureau practice runs over 300 client payrolls. Half of those payrolls are classed as standard or threshold payrolls (paid up the […]

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Why accountants can’t afford to ignore wellbeing

I’m always finding stories in the media about wellbeing in the workplace, or the lack of it. As a nation, we are under more strain than ever – both physically and mentally. We’re tired, stressed and overweight, and, as a result, we’re lagging behind our G7 peers when it comes to productivity… another issue we’re […]

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Why Accountex 2018 is a financial feast

The 2018 MasterChef champion has just been crowned … and this got us thinking. In some ways, a great exhibition and conference is like a great meal. You need the right ingredients, equipment and technique to produce the perfect balance of flavours. You also need the right chef(s). And that’s exactly what we’ve seen every […]

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Is it time for a change?

Over the past year or so, you’ve likely dealt with a lot of change. And, with our sights set on the future, more is on its way. First, cloud accounting software companies started targeting customers and your compliance revenues were threatened. So, you got the new software and put the processes in place. (Tick). Then…. […]

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