Financial risk reporting strategy starts at the top

During the 1990s and 2000s, a series of financial reporting scandals catapulted the issue of ethics in accounting into every headline around the world. Troubles at Enron and Tyco shook the confidence of investors everywhere when published annual reports and accounts, as well as other publicly available information, were found to contain misleading information about […]

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7 secrets of successful change management

We have high expectations of technology: according to Deloitte research,  67% of CIOs expect IT to deliver increased efficiency and reduced costs and 70% expect it to deliver business process improvements. The implementation of new software in your accountancy practice has to be the best it can be to achieve these challenging targets.  Follow these […]

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VAT on imports

A call for clear HMRC direction on VAT import taxes

Recent press surrounding the proposed controversial changes in VAT on goods imported from the European Union after Brexit will no doubt be a keen discussion point for many businesses. If the changes currently passing through parliament become a reality, it could result in some 200,000 UK firms, who are required to import goods as part […]

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Fishing HMRC

Is the HMRC on a fishing expedition?

A new law allows government departments to investigate your financial affairs if they can’t see where your wealth came from. So does this mean HMRC can now go fishing in your tax records when it wants to? Tax inquiries. There are strict rules that say when HMRC is entitled to start an investigation, or inquiry […]

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How apps can help to keep your clients happy

Today’s businesses face an uphill battle to keep their customers loyal. With the Google effect meaning that competitors are only a click away, instilling loyalty among existing clients is the new imperative. The role that Apps can play in boosting client loyalty in today’s increasingly mobile world cannot be underplayed. Globally, time spent in apps […]

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Cashflow clarity: Five essential metrics for accountants

Tracking margins, KPIs, sales data. These are most commonly associated with retail or e-commerce based business. Professionals such as accountants miss out on a host of information they have at their disposal. In this sector you’re unlikely to have a warehouse full of inventory or logistical tracking. So what metrics should you be measuring… and […]

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