10 top best practice insights for accountants

Welcome to the first regular article from accountancy speaker and author Martin Bissett. Martin will be focusing on practice insights and giving invaluable advice on how accountants can improve their businesses.

My favourite 10 practice insights…

  1. To your potential client, it doesn’t matter if your marketing is different, it matters that you’re “superior” to the alternative options open to them.
  2. An advisory firm without the compliance element, is far more marketable than a compliance firm without the advisory element.
  3. Never mind what your marketing claims, how long does it take you to demonstrate to a buyer how you can improve their business?
  4. If a prospect is asking for a dramatic climb down in price, either you’ve not communicated the value sufficiently or they’re too stupid to understand it.
  5. The golden rule of winning new clients in the accounting profession – ALWAYS give the prospect something to look forward to at each stage.
  6. You’ve won a new client – congratulations! Now, let’s find out WHY they chose you and not any other firm as we can market that feedback in order to win more.
  7. I know you’d love to remove all human interaction from compliance work but no, you’re not an IT firm, you’re an advisory firm.
  8. If we base our marketing on the stories of the improvement we’ve made to clients lives, attraction increases and fee sensitivity decreases.
  9. Teach your clients correct business practices then let them govern themselves.
  10. Not all feedback is of equal value, some people are informed, some are inconsiderate and some are idiots. Know the difference.

See you next time, Martin.

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Martin Bissett is a an author, consultant and public speaker to the accounting profession. Bissett's 21 year career in the profession included forming the Upward Spiral Partnership  in 2012, specialising in Grade A Fee Growth and Preparing Senior Managers for Partnership within mid and upper mid-tier firms and can be found at 

His global addviser+ online community serves smaller firms and sole practitioners who wish to progress from offering pure compliance work alone and can be found at He has spoken at Accountex UK every year since 2013 and spoke at the first Accountex USA in 2016.

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