Marketing Monthly: Why bother with social media?

Welcome to the third Q-and-A session focusing on marketing for accountants… with Amanda C Watts

Q. Why should accounting firms bother with social media, especially when so much business comes from word of mouth? I get asked this question often.

A. Word of mouth and referrals are a great way to feed your accounting practice in its early days. Driving referrals throughout your sales process is a must for recurring business… but relying on referrals alone will only result in unpredictable client acquisition.

Which is why you need to create a marketing engine that generates leads and attracts high value clients.

Social media is a tactic that is a vital cog in this engine. One thing you need to realise is that social media marketing is like fitness. It has to be frequent, results rarely happen in the short term, and no one else can do it for you.

However as 70 per cent of your sales process is carried out before someone reaches out to work with you and speak to someone in your firm, you need to be visible online.

This means writing regularly in the form of blogs and articles

Being featured on podcasts and as a speaker at events

Running your own events or webinars

Having a way to get people’s interest with a lead magnet

And none of the above will be seen or heard by prospects if you do not have a way to get in front of them in droves.

Which is why social media is an essential cog in your marketing engine.

  • You need social media to be visible.
  • You need social media to share your thoughts and insights
  • You need social media to build relationships with ideal clients
  • You need social media to attract joint venture opportunities
  • You need social media to share your event details
  • You need social media to drive people to your website
  • You need social media as social proof for those who have been referred to you
  • You need social media to build your personal brand
  • You need social media to build your business brand
  • You need social media to answer people’s questions
  • You need social media to research ideas
  • You need social media to research your competitors
  • You need social media to share case studies and testimonials
  • You need social media to share what is going on behind the scenes in your firm

The list is endless. Which is why your approach to social media must be structured and you must be clear on why you are going to use it within your accounting firm.

Is it for lead generation, brand visibility or something else? Whatever your goals are in your firm, you need to be on social media to achieve them.

See you next time, Amanda









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Amanda C. Watts is a marketing consultant for accounting firms. She's a speaker, entrepreneur, best-selling author and founder of the British Accounting Marketing Awards. Since 2009 she's helped over 500 companies launch or grow through TwentyTwo Agency, her work with Virgin Start-Up and training and mentoring. Amanda’s marketing processes eliminate the confusion and information overload that many partners suffer from, and allow them to generate more leads and attract more high value clients.

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