‘As I get older I forget so much that information overload is never a problem!’

Researcher, author and practice strategist (plus chartered accountant), Steve Pipe talks to Accounting Insight News Editor Ian Moss about his life and times.

The here and now….

What are your favourite early career memories, Steve?

Passing my professional exams (because they were the hardest thing I have ever done).

How did you get into this business?

With two degrees in economics I would have loved to have been an economist. But I wanted to get married more. And since there were no jobs for economists in Wakefield (where my wife to be worked), I went into accountancy instead.

What can accountants and finance professionals learn from you?

That accountancy is a noble profession that can (and should) use its skills with numbers to make life better for our clients, our communities and the wider world.

Does the idea of information overload concern you?

As I get older I forget so much that overload is never a problem!

What’s on the horizon for you and the sector?

Before I retire in a couple of years I will be giving all my remaining intellectual property away, and setting up a not-for-profit foundation to help the profession globally have an even bigger impact.

As an influential voice, what impact do you want to have on the industry this year and in the long run?

I want to help accountants generate better results for themselves, their clients and the wider world.

What are your expectations of Accountex 2018?

I hope to catch up with old friends, make new ones, learn and be inspired.

In a nutshell, what’s the role of an accountant in society!!?

To help clients use better data to make better decisions, that lead to better results and better businesses, that help us enjoy better lives, all of which helps to create a better world.

Early Days

Where did you grow up?

Not sure I have yet (but Watford was where I spent my childhood).

Were you any good at maths at school?

According to my exam grades I guess I must have been.


What’s your favourite film? (you’re allowed more than one)

All the classic Disney cartoons, since they remind me of my childhood.

What’s your favourite book? (you’re allowed more than one)

The Harry Potter books, because I will always cherish the time I spent reading them to my three children.

What’s your favourite type of music?

Blues guitar (which I play really badly)

What’s your ideal day out?

Anywhere with my family

What’s your ideal holiday?

A long one!

Is money the root of all evil?

Not at all. The more you have, the more good you can (and should) do in the world.

Do you support a football team?

I have supported Watford since I was a lad with a milk crate and wooden rattle on the terraces.

Do you have a heroine or hero?

Paul Dunn. He has done an extraordinary amount of good for the profession and the world. And I am so proud to have him as a friend.

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