Future accounting — what you need to know about blockchain

If accounting professionals picked a word of the year, there’s no question that 2018’s would be “blockchain.” The disruptive technology at the heart of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin promises to shake up our world in the coming years, but no one knows just yet what the blockchain revolution might look like for accounting firms. Whenever the subject of […]

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Welcome to the basics of blockchain

Everyone’s probably heard of it, but do they know what it is, or is what it is going to be? Welcome to the world of blockchain. The word is bandied about a lot but, from people I have spoken to, there is still a fair amount of confusion over what it is exactly. Luckily, I […]

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Clarity Project aims to be more than a token gesture

I was browsing the Bloomberg Tax website and came across an interesting “hush-hush development”. Apparently the UK government is exploring the issue of taxation of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum. Bloomberg writer Ben Stupples reckons: “Officials have met with tax practitioners to discuss the UK’s treatment of cryptocurrencies.” His source has asked not to be […]

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Daily Insight: accountants and cryptocurrency; women in business

Let’s forget MTD and GDPR for a minute, the first item on today’s agenda is accountants and cryptocurrency. More specifically, it’s about a story  on the Conversation website under the headline:  “Why accountants of the future will need to speak blockchain and cryptocurrency if they want your money.” It’s a fascinating piece by Anwar Halari, a  lecturer […]

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