What did you think of the Budget?

So we’ve had time to digest, and may be even savour, the details of Philip Hammond’s Budget. Most seem to agree that it was a pretty fair and diplomatic attempt to steady the UK ship before it returns to the increasingly choppy Brexit waters. Only time, and the next election, will tell whether the Chancellor’s […]

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2018 Budget straight from the horse’s mouth

It’s great to read all the different opinions following a budget, and yesterday’s 73-minute effort by the chancellor has generated its share of plaudits and critics. But, rather than jump on the commentary bandwagon just at the moment,  I thought I’d take a look at the official line… call it objective (probably not); call it […]

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The Secret Accountant: the 2018 Budget and all that

Theresa May told the Tory party conference that people deserve a break from the long spell of austerity and claimed this would soon be coming to an end. The PM’s bold words have, of course, put pressure on the chancellor to ensure that his (third) Budget on Monday reflects this … and brings hope for […]

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Budget solution provides real-time visibility and spend control

Oxford Economics says strong profitability and revenue growth are tied to effective cost control. However, managing spend is increasingly complicated. In the past 15 years, travel spend alone has doubled to more than $1.2 trillion. Employee-initiated spend is today the second-largest expense in many organisations. These are spending categories, ranging from entertainment, consulting, mobile roaming […]

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