change management

Robot accountants

The emergence of robotics in accounting

The digital economy is disrupting even the once stable world of accounting, especially the emerging trend of robotics. Organisations, be they businesses or government agencies, are required to become agile data-driven enterprises capable of predicting, anticipating, and quickly reacting to a dynamic global economy to remain relevant. Data collection, data transformation, and data visualisation are all […]

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Drivers for change in an accountancy practice

Many of us find change challenging. We rationalise our caution by saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, which provides an easy justification for personal and organisational inertia. But sometimes, change is unavoidable.  Here are the main drivers for change that affect modern accountancy practices. The economy There’s not a lot you can do […]

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7 secrets of successful change management

We have high expectations of technology: according to Deloitte research,  67% of CIOs expect IT to deliver increased efficiency and reduced costs and 70% expect it to deliver business process improvements. The implementation of new software in your accountancy practice has to be the best it can be to achieve these challenging targets.  Follow these […]

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