Changing role of the accountant – how to prepare

There is change in the air — have you noticed it? A focus on technology,  as well as soft skills – combined with accountants’ quest to add more value to their clients – is catapulting us right into 2019. So, what’s happening now and how can accountants prepare for what’s ahead? Cloud, AI, real-time data… […]

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How to create a winning exit strategy

In business, nothing quite beats that warm inner feeling that business owners experience when everything is going swimmingly and the money continues to roll in as expected, day in day out, week in week out and month in month out … with no surprises upon approving and signing off the year end accounts. They confidently, […]

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Investigate HMRC powers, say UK Lords

With Theresa May’s no-confidence vote monopolising the news agenda, it’s not surprising that important matters are getting overlooked, ignored or dipping beneath the radar. While the accounting/tax media homed in on the House of Lords’ recent comments about HMRC, it still strikes me that this issue may be edging into the above territory. It’s certainly […]

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Tax accountants lag behind the MTD curve

I’m yet to see survey results that demonstrate the accounting profession is fully supportive of, and prepared for, the digital future. The latest piece of research by Thomson Reuters does little to change that. UK tax professionals are still unsure how to get ready MTD for VAT. About 70 per cent of the 146 tax and […]

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What makes a truly ‘digital’ accounting firm?

 Accountancy, like many other professions, is undergoing digital transformation – albeit in a staggered and variable manner. What was once considered a reasonably ‘safe’ trade, and a necessity for businesses with predictable revenue models, is now open to disruption from technology. Digitally savvy firms can massively outdo inert firms in terms of both efficiency and […]

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UK skills shortage reaches critical levels

With continuous demand for skilled employees in some of the country’s highest growth sectors, the UK skills gap is a major and well-publicised crisis that, according to a report by Open University, costs the country more than £2bn a year. Further, 97% of organisations working in STEM and 96% of financial organisations have had difficulty […]

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What’s next in the world of MTD?

HMRC’s drive to become one of the most digitally advanced tax administrations in the world is gathering pace. The first stage of Making Tax Digital is quickly approaching – it is only a matter of months until the first MTD VAT returns will need to be filed using MTD-compatible software. The use of the Government […]

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Software leaders predict bright future for bookkeepers

The bookkeeper is an endangered species on the verge of being devoured in the technology jungle. That’s what many industry observers are warning. But it’s not an opinion that was massively in evidence among the 400 or so at the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers’ annual two-day summit in London this week. And they may well […]

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A beginner’s guide to outsourcing for accountants

What is accounts outsourcing? It’s very simple – Accounts outsourcing is when accountants or accounting firms contract out their work to an outsourcing company such as Fin-eX. This is done with the objective of increasing capacity, expanding business, meeting staffing shortages, and improving profitability. As companies continue to operate on leaner budgets, some have found […]

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