Brexit means Brexit… or does it?

It’s gone on long enough. Daily Insight has made today the day to talk about Brexit. It’s going to affect you, me… all accountants and finance professionals. For many there will be benefits. There always is an upside for some folk even in the worst economic and political circumstances. And there’s bound to be a […]

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Do I have to be an extrovert to win business?

“I’m an introvert. What do you suggest I should do?” At a recent training sessios, someone came up to me and said: “Your ideas about business development and building a personal brand are great and practical, and I can see how they’d work. But I do not see them working for me — I’m an […]

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IRIS CFO wins top finance professional award

Congratulations to IRIS CFO Elona Mortimer-Zhika, who has won finance professional of the year in the Venus awards for women in business. Elona was recognised in the working women’s Oscars for her dedication and tenacity. The Thames Valley region award follows IRIS‘s recent acquisitions of Star Computers and Taxfiler and the buyout by Hg Capital […]

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Millennial power and the top young accountants

Today’s Daily Insight focus is on millennials. According to a terrific report in yesterday’s Financial Times those aged between 22-37 are the world’s most powerful consumers. They are reaching an age now where, according to the big banks, their economic activity is “important”.  And there lots of them … 2 billion worldwide. India’s 410 million millennials […]

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Weekly Insight: From Carillion Catastrophe to Tax Return Teasers

Welcome to Accounting Insights’s new Weekly Insight into what’s happening in the worlds of accountancy, finance and, to be honest, whatever else takes our fancy…. Where do you start with the collapse of the UK construction colossus Carillion? Well, take your pick from any number of alleged idiocies, indiscretions and/or errors. For starters, the liquidation […]

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