XeroCon 3

Accountancy and a tale of one city…

Here is a tale of one city … and two conferences. The city is London, the globe’s leading financial centre and home to some of the world’s most quarrelsome (NB polite word) politicians.  Well, this week it played host to two accountancy conferences. The words accountancy and conference describe both events adequately. After that things […]

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Accounting profession singles out Brexit as biggest headache

It’s time for accountants to “step up to the plate” when it comes to Brexit, according to the ICAEW’s head of tax. Frank Haskew says: “Our profession is facing a generational, monumental change. This is massive for all of us.” He adds (perhaps with a hint of understatement) that clients across the country are “starting to […]

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FRC shifts focus to diversity as accountant numbers grow

Accounting’s watchdog, the Financial Reporting Council, is turning the focus of its annual report to industry trends on of diversity and inclusion. Plus it’s planning an event to nudge accountancy bodies towards highlighting the issues. The FRC’sannual Key Facts and Trends in the Accountancy Profession shows the sector’s professional bodies,such as the ICAEW, have more than […]

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ICAEW displays a healthy degree of scepticism

There’s been lots of talk lately about “scepticism” and “auditing”. As in the post-corporate collapse… “the audit failed to demonstrate a necessary degree of professional scepticism”. This sort of comment makes for a tasty sound bite. And it’s clear that a good degree of scepticism is at the heart of a good auditor. But what […]

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