Accountants, clients… and the stress factor

At Accountex back in May I was asked about accountants and stress levels. I pointed out that stress in the workplace for accountants in practice is nothing new. It is not a recent development, it is just that now more publicity is quite rightly being given over to the subject. I have been in practice […]

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A guide to anti-money laundering and Boom!

You may be wondering why your latest personal practising certificate or firm registration application process has become more onerous… And why was there was a rush to get everything done by 26 June this year? Well, hopefully, you’ve been asked to declare that you and, if applicable, others within your accountancy firm are not subject […]

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Should HMRC block VAT registrations?

In administering any tax system, it is important that everyone gets equal treatment. This is especially so with an EU-wide tax like VAT, where a key underlying principle is that the tax must not lead to distortion of competition. So far so good. What is not good is what HMRC are doing on some applications […]

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How to turn the dull into the delightful

I went to the ICPA’s London Practice Evolution Seminar yesterday. On the train up to the capital, I was mulling over how boring one of the titles of the speaker sessions appeared to be. “Taxation of Rental Income: From repairs to interest deductions.” Reading it made me worry slightly about what sort of day I […]

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