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The accountancy climatic flip – time for digital

As Accountex 2018 is just around the corner (especially if you live in east London), I’m handing today’s Daily Insight  over to one of t he event’s leading  speakers, Steve Cox, chief evangelist of UK accounting software group IRIS. He’s going to share his thoughts on the digital challenge for accounting: The extent to how […]

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HMRC backs Rhino for MTD

When HMRC published its MTD software supplier ‘list’ in March, only two names were on it. Everyone in the industry had heard of IRIS. But Rhino, was less well known. Even slightly mysterious… a bit out of left-field. Well, the Leicestershire-based group has come out of hiding so to speak, to share a bit of […]

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ATT welcomes HMRC Brexit delays; IRIS buys Star

Brexit, almost inevitably, has put the brakes on several HMRC projects.  This piece of news has been flagged up pretty extensively this week.  Reaction to it seems to be along the lines of : no real surprise… HMRC overstretching on scale…. goes to show MTD won’t be with us for a long time yet. That […]

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A life more digital with HMRC

I was trawling the internet the other day and came across this great new blog from the HMRC digital relationship lead. It’s aimed at software developers, but it’s interesting none the less… so I thought I’d share. I’m Louise Tarpy, HMRC’s Digital Relationship Lead in the new Digital Relationship Management team. Welcome to my first […]

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Joel Oliver

My must-see sessions and speakers at Accountex 2018

There are times when a supplier gets the mix ‘just right’. And that’s what we believe the team behind Accountex has done since year one. As an event, it’s a clever cocktail of suppliers, content and leading speakers that accountancy firms, finance directors and industry professionals all love. From the outside, the event line-up may […]

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Accountants expect clients will need more help with VAT

Welcome to Friday, and a bit of interesting MTD research. Accountants reckon they’ll provide VAT submission services for even more clients following next April’s VAT deadline. Software group IRIS has found that accountants do not believe their clients are willing to continue to spend time keeping their books up to date and would prefer their […]

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Salary survey shocks… HMRC’s late penalty own goal

Most folk love a salary survey. It gives you a chance to indulge in that guilty pleasure of comparison with your peers. According to the Office of National Statistics, the median household income for the UK, where the average house price is £225,000, is just £27,200. So where do accountants fit into that picture? Lucy […]

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