Where next for MTD and the spreadsheet?

In most conversations about Making Tax Digital for Business, the word ‘spreadsheets’ is bound to crop up at some point or other. As in how will/can/do they fit into HMRC’s plans for the not too distant future? So it was interesting when I clicked on the PWC link in the UK tax authority’s latest 18-strong list […]

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MP presses FRC on PWC audit of BHS

More Big Four woes. MP Frank Field, chair of the work and pensions committee, wants an update from the Financial Reporting Council over its mainly unpublished but stinging report on PWC’s 2014 audit of Taveta. That’s the one that included auditors signing off Philip Green’s BHS as a “going concern” days before its sale for […]

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Measures to bring the Big Four to order

The latest shenanigans involving the Big Four audit firms have prompted a former, longstanding member of the US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board to join the debate over what should/can be done about these groups’ increasingly unpleasant grip on the market. Rarely a day goes by when there isn’t a headline about an alleged blunder […]

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More uncomfortable audit truths for the Big Four

PwC chairman Kevin Ellis’s “uncomfortable” email lambasting senior auditor Steve Denison over his “inadequate” work on failed UK store BHS was leaked to the media last week. And, quite rightly, it is causing a stir. The FRC had at this stage already imposed a £350k fine and 15-year professional ban on Denison. The note to […]

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UK employers lack sparkle with golden age workers

When it comes to employing people over 55, the UK ranks 21st out of 35 countries. PwC’s Golden Age index has Iceland, New Zealand and Israel at the top of the league. One way of interpreting all this is that nations could be richer if people had longer working lives. Potentially to the tune of $3.5 […]

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