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Weekly Insight: AI is the way forward for accounting

Welcome to Accountex Insight Weekly update and congratulations on reaching February, the end of another self-assessment-crazy January. But don’t worry. There’s plenty more fun on the horizon: Brexit rumbles on; the GDPR deadline looms; the spectre of automation/Artificial Intelligence hovers menacingly in the background. On AI, I spotted this headline in Forbes. “Why Artificial Intelligence […]

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Weekly Insight: Down to Earth in Davos

Welcome to Weekly Insight Number 2. It’s that rare time of year where, if one wanted, one could combine one’s love of cashmere scarves and helicopter travel with saving the planet. And complement one’s dislike of the world’s elite by appearing at… a gathering of the world’s elite. Yes, it’s the World Economic Forum’s annual shindig […]

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Weekly Insight: From Carillion Catastrophe to Tax Return Teasers

Welcome to Accounting Insights’s new Weekly Insight into what’s happening in the worlds of accountancy, finance and, to be honest, whatever else takes our fancy…. Where do you start with the collapse of the UK construction colossus Carillion? Well, take your pick from any number of alleged idiocies, indiscretions and/or errors. For starters, the liquidation […]

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